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What Is TED Hair Restoration?

Imbalanced hormones and improper nutrition can lead to early onset hair loss for men and women alike. Androgenetic alopecia, also called male and female pattern baldness, remains the most frequent type of baldness, causing thin, patchy hair that, eventually, could fall out altogether and decrease an individual's self-confidence. At Body Concepts Health Spa, we provide TED by Alma, as well as the TED+ Hair Care Formula, as a cutting-edge procedure to stimulate hair growth. Acoustic energy and pressurized air from the TED device supply the advanced TED+ Hair Care Formula deep into the follicles to promote blood flow while simultaneously carrying vital growth factors that help lengthen, fortify, and attach the hair. To learn more about the benefits of this noninvasive solution, book an appointment with registered nurses Jerry Rodriguez and Zyann Fuentes at our office in San Antonio, TX.

TED Hair Restoration FAQ

What is the cost of TED hair restoration?
The price varies according to the number of sessions needed to fulfill your goals. During your first appointment, our team will ask about your concerns and talk with you about your hair growth objectives prior to designing a custom-tailored rejuvenation outline, which will include pricing.

How many Alma TED sessions are recommended?
We advise that you look for treatment as soon as hair thinning or hair loss is noticed. The total number of TED sessions will range according to the severity of the hair loss. Observable results have been achieved following the starting set of three treatment sessions spaced over the course of one month.

Does Alma TED hurt?
Many people say there is almost no discomfort during the treatment. The cutting-edge device employs ultrasound energy and air pressure to help deliver the specialized hair serum deep into your skin, which is not painful.

Amazing staff. Very knowledgeable. Always professional. Great results. Great prices.

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Thanks Vera and Jerry for helping me look fresh even during this crazy covid pandemic time.

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Absolutely amazing customer service! I will be a returning customer for a VERY long time! Very friendly, knowledgeable staff that genuinely is concerned about your well being and wellness needs. Thank you Body Concepts!!

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Vera was very professional and made me feel so comfortable. She’s the best at what she does! I’ll be a regular for sure!

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